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Cold Water Petrol Waterblaster 15L/m 3600PSI

Cold Water Petrol Waterblaster 15L/m 3600PSI

SKU: PBW3600

Powerbuilts heavy duty workhorse. Large enough to tackle the big jobs, whilst the adjustable pressure cleans the delicate jobs fast saving you both time and money. The 14Hp engine and AR crank pump delivers 3600 PSI at 15L/min. The folding frame allows for compact transportation.  Powerbuilts water blasters start where most electric models stop.


The two greatest advantages of petrol engines:


  • Portability (no longer ties to the closest power point)
  • Greater horsepower - increases the L/min and PSI When comparing water blasters, most customers only consider PSI, as this is simple to compare. The true comparison can only be achieved by combining your requirements of both PSI & litres per minute. Even a small 1650 PSI water blaster is impressive when only considering the pressure. Think of pressure as the scrubbing brush; the tougher the grime, the higher the pressure required to break the bond.


Equally important is the litres per minute, commonly known as washing effect. The larger the surface area of the item to be cleaned, the larger the litreage per minute that is required. Think of this as the broom; a large broom will save time. For the same task; if the 6L/min machine takes 60mins the 10L/min machine will only take 36mins whilst the 15L/min machine will only take 24 mins When higher PSI is required the 1650 PSI will not shift the grim. Chemicals and scrubbing will be needed to break the bond. The Powerbuilt professional water blasters utilise large AR crank pump with adjustable unloader to ensure you have just the right pressure for those delicate cleaning tasks, coupled to either the 7HP Kohler or 14HP Rato engine. The heavy-duty folding frame make transportation a breeze whilst protecting the pump and engine when folded. For the machine that is required to tackle the small jobs around the house or bach our domestic model has you covered.


The lawn mower style engine makes starting a breeze and the Aluminium swash plate pump that won't break the budget is designed to keep you cleaning for about 45mins, a couple of times a month. All Powerbuilt water blasters come complete with a heavy duty hose and handgun. Spare parts are stocked for all units, please enquire as required.

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