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Air Compressor 24L 2Hp Direct Drive

Air Compressor 24L 2Hp Direct Drive

SKU: AC2420

Ideal for nail guns, braders, tyre inflation and dust guns.


  • Compact, portable light weight 24L compressor for the home workshop Copper wound 2Hp motor with thermal overload, heavy duty cast iron cylinder. 
  • Fully adjustable pressure with onboard regulator.
  • Extra wide, stable feet for increased stability and stable transportation 200 L/min (7CFM) displacement 120 L/min (4.24CFM) free air @ 90PSI. 
  • Twin ARO couplers for multiple tools. 
  • Onboard regulator with twin ARO couplers for multiple tools. 
  • 1 Year Warranty.


The best compressor is the right compressor for the job, but its important to allow for growth for your future and select a compressor for years of trouble-free operation.


Our 'Direct Drive' compressors are built for the DIY craftsman to trades people wanting a small portable compressor for light duty applications. With the pump coupled directly to the 2800 RPM motor these units have a duty cycle of 30% or where a compressor is required to run for no more than 10mins of continuous pumping.

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