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50L 6.5Hp Air Compressor (Lifan Engine) - Belt Drive

50L 6.5Hp Air Compressor (Lifan Engine) - Belt Drive

SKU: AC5065P

Whether onsite or on the farm, the Powerbuilt petrol compressor offers portability and performance where you need it. Portability where performance counts.


  • 6.5Hp Lifan petrol motor offering exceptional performance and proven reliability here in NZ
  • Idle control for increased motor and pump life whilst reducing fuel consumption
  • Twin piston with heavy duty cast iron cylinder and after cooler for drier, cooler air supply perfect for spray painting and air tools
  • Extra wide, stable feet for increased stability and stable transportation 318 L/min (11.2CFM) displacement 207 L/min (7.3CFM) free air @90PSI Dash board with intergrated filter regulator and twin ARO couplers for multiple tools
  • One ARO Quick connect fitting un-regulated for maximum pressure/flow
  • 1 Year Warranty


The best compressor is the right compressor for the job, but its important to allow for growth for your future and select a compressor for years of trouble-free operation. Our `Belt-Drive� compressors are built to a standard, not a price. With the pump and motor separated this allows the speed to be reduced to around 1030 RPM and increased piston stroke, resulting in larger air deliveries compared to the direct drive style. Due to the slower pumps speed the compressor will produce cooler air with less moisture. Our belt drive compressors have greater duty cycles and are the choice for professionals.

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